Olive Oil Tasting

Sabina Olive oil is known throughout the world for its quality, intense scent and wonderful flavour . Roman aristocrats had villas and farms in the Sabina, and present day Romans come to get away from the city and to buy the local olive oil. Olive growing has nearly always been the main activity in the area, and the liquid gold as it is called was the first oil to win the DOP certification..
Join us at La Torretta and during your stay experience a tasting of the best olive oil in Italy , or take a tour to explore the Sabina where the Olive trees are a constant characteristic of the landscape.
Tastings of award winning olive oils can be booked with Johnny Madge who is an international taster for the best Olive oils in the World. Johnny madge
Tours of the Sabina area with visit to mills, olive groves and farms with included lunch and tastings are available if booked in advance and according to the season..

Watch Olive Oil Tasting video:

visit also the travel blog of an adopted citizen of Casperia James Johnstone, who will fill you in on whats going on in the world of the small local producers


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