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For my wife’s 40th birthday we went to a tiny hilltop village in Italy called Casperia and stayed at a beautiful little B&B called La Torretta. The scenery was extraordinary and it was just a great, fun few days. It showed me the authentic Italian lifestyle.[read full article]

The Guardian

The village of Casperia and La Torrretta Bed and Breakfast have been featured in the most important international newspapers. as part of it’s “Hidden Gems” series, the Guardian published “An hour from Rome, but a world away” describing Casperia as a “slow town, an oasis of peace that the modern world has passed by”.

“The Olive  Oil Tasting” at La Torretta Bed and Breakfast.

La Torretta Bed and Breakfast hosts Gary Rhodes in his  series “Rhodes Across Italy”

lo chef  Gary Rhodes  è stato ospite  alla Torretta  per  girare  per  la TV inglese la serie, Rhodes Across Italy, nella quale, visita 10  regioni,  per scoprire i piatti tipici. nel Lazio, dopo Roma,  ha scelto   Casperia, per la qualità del’olio d’oliva e per filmare, in modo divertente la preparazione  degli  stringozzi
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La Torrretta organized a Slow Food event for the BBC Countryfile programme, a festive occasion during which local producers offered tastings of prize winning olive oil, ricotta cheese, sausages made from a special mountain pig, and the locally made organic ice cream. The programme was filmed in La Torretta and in the streets of Casperia.

Sereno Variabile

2 volte casperia e la torretta sono stati scelti  per il programma televisivo  “Sereno Variabile”

Karen Brown

The Travel Guide Karen Brown has featrued featured La Torretta  as a special b&b

La Torretta Historical Home, Casperia

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